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Skyephobia is the fear of Bop It

Kafphobia is the fear of cars with the eternal left blinker.

Jakephobia is the fear of people who don’t listen to Classic Rock.

Yeah pretty much.

Micphobia is a totally rational fear and I do not blame you in the slightest if you have it.

Tarbyphobia is the fear of never gaining superpowers.

Omniphobia is… Probably a real fear, but it’s also the fear of everything. HOLY SHIT TEXT NO ;A;

Cyril the Wolfphobia is the fear of people not knowing songs from Queen.

and more appropriately: Cyrilphobia is the fear of marrying toast.



Miuphobia is the fear of being too awesome on karaoke.
Then again, I am awesome at karaoke. It’s just natural for people to have this phobia. *bricked* 

Stablephrobia is the fear of your body emitting a fuckton of radiation because your bodily molecules have become unstable


Fear of musicians from Israel and music coming from that country

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    jensenphobia is the fear of waking up covered in sugar. that is perfection lol
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    Gillphobia is the fear of strategy guides being incomprehensive. Spot on.
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    Wayanphobia is the fear of becoming your cousin
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    Fayephobia is the phobia of losing your bending powers.Erm well then.
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    allysonphobia is the fear of the Chocobo Theme. wait what?
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    Caitlinphobia is the fear of that one show. You know the one. …what?
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    ms-doodlebugphobia is the fear of being stuck with Paint.
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    Shannonphobia is the fear of making friendship bracelets…But I like friendship bracelets!
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    emkiuphobia is the fear of jogging in the morning.
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    Skyphobia is the fear of the Aflac duck.
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    deedeephobia is the fear of being so fresh people can suck nuts.i cANT BReATHE
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    cumberbatchphobia is the fear of people who haven’t seen a Monty Python film.
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    Aishwaryaphobia is the fear of shrimp tacos.
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    Ameliaphobia is the fear of crying before a sad scene comes up. It happens all the time.
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    Angelicaphobia is the fear of Shredder from TMNT.
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    SCIENCEphobia is the fear of diet soda in the fridge. sciencephobia is the fear of smoking candy. Jawnphobia is the fear...
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    Chazphobia is the fear of people who haven’t seen The Princess Bride. I mean, how will they help me fight RUS if they...
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    SailAweighphobia is the fear of losing in Monopoly. Accurate.
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    Rosephobia is the fear of the word “Basically”.
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    Snowyphobia is the fear of other fandoms.P. much
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    Waldophobia is the fear of not understanding a joke.
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    Delennphobia is the fear of people who haven’t seen The Princess Bride…. WHICH ONE? THERE ARE LIKE 3 OF THEM.
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    Lucyphobia is the fear of becoming your cousin rumbleroaristotallyawesomephobia is the fear of getting the perfect...
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    Mackenziephobia is the fear of nicknames from middle school. Macphobia is the fear of IP Addresses....
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    the fear of admitting you like a show that a bunch of weirdos love. sou ka :|
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    jinkkingphobia is the fear of confusing “your” with “you’re”.
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    Elisephobia is the fear of ending up in Silent Hill accurate
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    Danphobia is the fear of Chumbawamba. Knew it.
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    Joannaphobia is the fear of beating skyrim. Funny that I bought Skyrim the other week and have been storming through it!...
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    —— ———-phobia is the phobia of that guy you met at the store…?
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    schmeistophobia is the fear of Mameshiba. What.
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    Angharadphobia is the fear of dogs in Hawaii.
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    Annephobia is the fear of Mario Paint. What the heck is Mario Paint? Did we pulverize Mario to make paint? Sounds...