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The Ranting Tombstone: Me Memes

Alright, Another rant post for the ladies, and this time it’s about the obvious,

Now, before I begin, don’t get me wrong, it IS a funny meme, I got a lot of good chuckles from it, and despite how I showed a lot of negative reactions towards it, it was all in good fun :)

But now I think it’s a bit too much, and here’s why I think that way,

I am not afraid about how it’s my face and all, it doesn’t concern me in the slightest cause I wasn’t afraid to show my face in the past and I sure am not now,

But I am concerned on how bad this might look on me, like, that people will recognize me cause of a meme, and this is IMO the WORST kind of getting known from,

Look at the reaction to the people from outside, like at the comments on KnowYourMeme, they immediately looked at it and thought “…Who is that guy? I haven’t heard of him before and this is NOT a meme, deadpool’d” I can’t blame them, cause for now for what it is, this is just a private tumblr joke, not a meme… and I just want to keep it that way.

And think about it, add to the point that I am already well known cause I make music, having a meme attached to it just makes me look like I have a big ego… I am not like that, and I don’t want that… at all

Since I started with The Living Tombstone, I have been always about making music and enjoying the process of making it myself and with others, and to help others with what I am able to, and all around be a good friend, and even despite how hard it is now for me to still keep that promise, I still help whenever I can :)

I just don’t want this “joke” “meme” or whatever to hurt my name, that’s all…

…Maybe I am wrong and this may turn out good, but from the way I see it, this is… I don’t know.

Hope you all understand.

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  4. askdjsoruanything said: What happened was that people didn’t give time for the meme to spread, and that’s why it deadpooled
  5. daisyazuras said: I understand. You are a humble guy and all this frivalous attention makes outsiders think you are not. Best people get to know you for who you are.
  6. askmimic said: Mimi C: Still want to punch my monitor everytime I see it repeated. >.> Are you gonna name your next album or music track, “My Face?” :P
  7. shadowpainttheartist said: Glad to see your response to this whole thing. Honestly, I did consider adding to it. What stopped me is the realization that no one was talking about how you felt about it. Didn’t know if you found it funny or what, so it’s cool to know for sure.
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    I’m in agreement. This isn’t a meme, its a private tumblr joke for some members of the brony community. if everyone used...
  11. rectanglepony said: check your privilege. some of us dream of becoming memes one day.
  12. livingtombstone said: That doesn’t make sense, technically bad publicity DOES exist, right?
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