The Living Tombstone







That buttass

Now I’m working on one of my own songs that I wrote on mandolin.



Dude, I’m so derp right now,

I just read it as “Mandopony Released a tuna song”


Alright, no rush then :)

We can also start our own tuna related news site, and call it Equestria Tuna, it’ll be all about pony related tuna songs,

Best part, we’ll decline every submission that isn’t tuna related… unless its made by a famous tuna musician!!! IM BRILLIANT!

The satire, my body can’t take it.

I also love the show My Little Tuna: Fishing is Magic!

It’s about 6 tuna fish learning a new lesson each episode about fishing,

Best tuna from the show is Rainbow Tuna, There’s even a catchphrase that goes “20% TUNA”

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    What about the songs from My Little Tuna? My favorite is tuna tuna tuna. I loved when Tuna Pie sang it :)
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    I tuna care!!!
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    This is going tuna far
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    Are you talking about that show with all the Tunicorns, Pegatuns and Ground Tuna’s ?
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    Tuuuna won’t you cry for meeee~
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    What did you guys start?
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    Oh God this is gonna be the new cowbell or something
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